Harvest what you plant

Foxes are great at the OOD phase of the OODA loop, but often get bored during A.

Leonardo da Vinci is an exemplar. Fueled by burning curiousity, he spent shocking amounts of time observing, exploring, and braching off into adjacent pursuits.

He made discoveries in physics, optics, biology, and geology that would not be replicated for 100, 200, or in some cases, 300 years. He jotted his findings down in densely illustrated notebooks, even while sketching in the margins about some new and related thread he had uncovered. In a few cases, he made half-hearted attempts to gather his notes into a scientific treatise, but got bored and moved on to the next burning question. Most of his scientific discoveries were never published and remained tucked away in private notebooks.

Leonardo got away with it through sheer genius. We aren't all Leonardo da Vinci. Before you get bored, harvest some of what you planted. Publish the paper, the blog post, the repo. Make it real.