Generative closure

These 2 pieces have complementary leitmotifs. They overlap, but with missing notes.

If you listen to them back-to-back, your mind superimposes the notes of the first in the spaces of the second. Closure.

Your mind becomes an active participant in generating the music. The experience generated will be different for different times and for different people.

Closure can play a similar role to ambiguity, stochasticity, choice, randomness in generative art. It's a point at which the experience of the artwork can branch.

The Kuleshov Effect — when two things are juxtaposed, we infer a story connection between them, even if they are unrelated.

  • Where does your generative artwork create juxtapositions?
  • Is there an opportunity to provoke narrative closure?
  • Should the points of juxtaposition be random, constrained, or fixed?