Threads for the last week of Oct

Neon green

Something that struck me in this video: how lived-in the halls of the space station are. Boxes of spare parts, mail, equipment are lashed to every available space. Simultaniously DIY and high-tech.


Cities are like compost heaps – just layers and layers of stuff. In cities, the past and the present and the future can all be totally adjacent.
William Gibson

Software leverage

Why isn’t there a Moore’s Law for software productivity? If our software abstractions were composable, one would expect exponential increases in leverage as larger building blocks are composed from small building blocks, which are composed from smaller building blocks…

Which reminds me of that famous Alan Kay talk where he compares computational complexity to biological complexity:

We need better abstractions. And speaking of Alan Kay, it strikes me that Docker containerization is basically what you get when you mash Unix into the Smalltalk “image” model.

Ok, that’s it.

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    Oct 31, 2016