Some books on my shelf.

Design Thinking, Design Tactics

My top 5:

  1. The Art of Game Design, Schell. A tour of design, UI, programming, development practice and prototyping. Games are an extreme case of interaction design. This book applies to anything you interact with.
  2. Universal Principles of Design, Lidwell, Holden, Butler
  3. Understanding Comics, McCloud. The best introduction to visual storytelling.
  4. A Pattern Language, Alexander. Systems design as bottom-up patterns which are able to survive natural selection.
  5. Universal Methods of Design, Martin, Hanington

For basic tactics of design (composition, type, color and motion), some good introductions:


Other good reads:

Computing and Math

Strategy in Practice

Getting to something that works means strategy has to be part of the design process from the beginning.

Some strategists worth watching:

Long-Term thinking, and imagining more effectively:

Climate, Energy and Science

  • Harvesting the Biosphere, Smil. The food chain always traces back to plants. Harvesting the Biosphere methodically estimates the limits of the biosphere’s carrying capacity, and how close we are to them.
  • Energy Transitions, Smil. Energy: exhaustive estimates for how quickly we can transition to renewables and strategies for doing so.
  • Prime Movers of Globalization, Smil. Globalization is powered by Diesel engines.
  • Whole Earth Discipline, Brand. A case for cities, Geoengineering, GMO and nuclear energy from the original neon hippie.
  • Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality, Pope Francis. A notable cultural moment. An entire religion gives a science-forward defense for ecology in the anthropocene.


Hacking Spaces


  • The Entrepreneurial State, Mazzucato.
  • Superintelligence, Bostrum. An excellent and divisive read. Bostrum’s Utilitarian “risk-assessment ethics” lead to surpising conclusions, and offer a useful approach for other problem spaces.
  • The Mystery of Capital. Property rights as a necessary lever for capital to work.
  • Evolution in Four Dimensions. A book of science theory that proposes a move toward a new darwinian synthesis. The first 13 of the book is an excellent introduction to evolutionary theory in general.

Fiction, Poetry, Essays

Science fiction: